Many occasions in life just require a cake to make it complete. It's your special day, after all, and the spotlight deserves to be shining ever so brightly on you. A pretty piece of cake makes it uber-cute.


6 Layer Butter Scotch

Chocolate Truffle

Red Velvet

Butter Scotch

Red Velvet Cream Cheese

Tres Leches

Nutty Bubble

White Truffle

Strawberry Glaze

Black Forest

Tender Coconut

Choco Velvet


Carrot Dates Cake Rs 450

Vanilla Rs 550

Black Forest Rs 550

White Forest Rs 550

Strawberry truffle Rs 750

Orange Truffle Rs 750

Pineapple Truffle Rs 750

White Truffle Rs 750

Mango Truffle Rs 750

Chocolate Truffle Rs 850

Oreo Cake Rs 850

Blueberry Cake Rs 850

Red Velvet Rs 750

Red Velvet (Cheese) Rs 850

Butterscotch Rs 850

Vancho Cake Rs 900

Toffe Cake Rs 900

Red Bee Cake Rs 900

Tender Coconut Rs 900

Milky Nuts Rs 900

Nutty Bubble Rs 900

Snickers Cake Rs 950

Tresleches Cake Rs 1200

Kitkat Cake Rs 1200

Rasmalai Cake Rs 1300

Ferrero Rocher Cake Rs 1500